ARCN – GIZ Collaboration

In furtherance of the ARCN – GIZ collaboration, Prof. A. A. Voh (Jr.) the Acting Executive Secretary of the Council received the GIZ team comprised of Dr Annemarie Mathess, Caroline Trimborn, Laura Koster, Dr. Baba Ashmara and Mr. David Edimu today the 30th of June, 2017. The meeting was also attended by Directors in the Council, namely; Dr. Celestine Ikuenobe (Director Knowledge Management), Mr. Yarama Ndirpaya (Ag. Director Partnership and Linkages), Dr. Danjuma Kidda (Ag. Director, APSER) and other staff of ARCN including Mrs. Uju Mbadiwe (Head ICT).

At the meeting, which was chaired by the Ag. Executive Secretary, Dr Annemarie presented the status update on the GIZ Country Module for Nigeria and the modalities for the handing over of ICT equipment to ARCN.

In his remarks, the Ag.ES thanked the GIZ team for their good work. He expressed appreciation that the project paid particular attention to interventions across the value chains of agriculture, especially at the level of input and production which is still largely labour intensive in the country. He expressed optimism that the project will continue to deliver on innovations in agriculture in Nigeria.

On the project status update, Dr. Matthess noted that this initiative of the GIZ is a part of the ‘’One World, No Hunger’’ Initiative which is currently being implemented in 14 countries. She stressed that a major achievement of the project is that in selected Nigerian states (Kano, Kaduna, Plateau, Oyo, Lagos, Nasarawa, Kaduna) and value chains (maize, rice, potato, cassava, etc.) innovations have improved small holders’ incomes, created employment in agriculture and food sector and improved regional food supply. She also noted that the project has specifically trained about 94,000 farmers in various agribusiness and modern farming skills.

It was agreed that the handing over ceremony of the ICT equipment and other interventions of the project in ARCN would take place towards the end of July, 2017.