Plant Resources Research

Function include:
Cereals crops research
Legumes research
Horticultural crops research
Tree and Industrial crops research
Under-utilized crops research
Farming systems
Crop Biotechnology and Genomics Research

Livestock Research

Function include:
Livestock Research – food animals
Livestock Research- non-food animals
Animal Health Research
Livestock farming systems
Livestock and Public health Research
Animal Biotechnology and Genomics Research

Fisheries & Aquaculture Research

Function include:
Freshwater Fisheries and Aquaculture
Marine/Brackish Fisheries and Aquaculture
Aquatic Resources management

Product Development

Function include:
Livestock products development
Fisheries product development
Crops product development

Natural Resource Management

Function include:
Animal genetic resources management
Plant genetic resources management
Soils and water management
Integrated pest management
Climate change and agriculture

Research & Development
Capacity Strengthening
Policy Making
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